Speak Up About the One Flag For All Act

Men and women have sacrificed their lives for what the American Flag stands for—one nation where every person can live out their God-given rights. Americans may be divided by many different opinions and beliefs, but the Stars and Stripes is a symbol that unites us around our nation’s core values.

In the past, the Biden Administration has elevated certain political and cultural agendas above the unifying symbol of the American flag. For instance, in a Pride Month event at the White House, President Joe Biden displayed a pride flag front and center, flanked by two American flags.

Here’s some good news—the federal budget recently signed by President Joe Biden contains a provision that prevents the Pride Flag from being flown above U.S. embassies.

Of course, the Biden Administration felt compelled to clarify that it would find a way to work around that provision. That’s why now is the perfect time to solidify that provision by passing the One Flag For All Act—which is currently before the Senate and the House of Representatives.

The One Flag For All Act would prohibit any flag other than the American flag from being flown, draped or displayed at federal buildings. (The few reasonable exceptions under the bill include POW flags and the State flags of congressmembers at their offices.) Will you contact your senators today to remind them why supporting the One Flag For All Act is important? Feel free to sign our suggested message or create a message of your own expressing your views.

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