Protect minors online

Support the Take It Down Act

Pornographic images generated by artificial intelligence are becoming more and more common online. These fake images often target non-consenting individuals, including minors. Currently there is little recourse for victims of this kind of crime, and the fake pictures of them can remain on social media indefinitely. Tragically, the trauma of being victimized in this way has even driven some young people to suicide.


Sen. Ted Cruz recently introduced the Take It Down Act with strong bipartisan support. The Take It Down (Tools to Address Known Exploitation by Immobilizing Technological Deepfakes on Websites and Networks) Act would require social media platforms to remove explicit images of individuals who have been victimized by pornographic deep-fake images, also known as “revenge porn.”


“In recent years, we’ve witnessed a stunning increase in exploitative sexual material online, largely due to bad actors taking advantage of newer technologies like generative artificial intelligence,” Sen. Cruz said in a press release.


“By creating a level playing field at the federal level and putting the responsibility on websites to have in place procedures to remove these images, our bill will protect and empower all victims of this heinous crime,” he added.


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