Amy Coney Barrett - Too Controversial for Girl Scouts and Kappa Delta

After the confirmation vote for Amy Comey Barrett, the Girl Scouts of the USA posted a message congratulating her on becoming the fifth woman to serve on the Supreme Court.

It seems like a natural thing for the Girl Scouts to do. They are an organization dedicated to helping prepare young women to be successful in life. Congratulating a woman on a tremendous accomplishment, one that only four women have previously achieved, seems like a good way to encourage young women.


Justice Barrett is a member of the sorority Kappa Delta, and, like the Girl Scouts, the organization posted a message congratulating their fellow sister on her tremendous accomplishment.

But don’t bother to look for these messages online. Both organizations were relentlessly attacked by the media woke mob, deleted their posts, and apologized for doing something to empower young women. The Girl Scouts claim they removed their post because the statement was being “viewed as a political and partisan statement.” The organization went on to explain, “Girl Scouts of the USA is a non-political, nonpartisan organization. We are neither red nor blue, but Girl Scout GREEN. We are here to lift up girls and women.”

It seems that progressives want to support and defend the rights of women, but only if they are acting in line with progressive values. According to the responses these organizations received in response to their posts, the idea of lifting up a woman with conservative values is “really disappointing,” a “shameful decision,” “pathetic,” “hurtful,” and some comments that would be inappropriate to share on this page.

You have the opportunity to express your opinion of the cowardly decision by these organizations to cave to the woke crowd. Please sign this petition and we'll send the responses to the Girl Scouts and Kappa Delta.

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