Build Back Better Act

The House is approaching a vote on the Build Back Better Act, the massive reconciliation bill that will dramatically expand the welfare state and increase taxes by $2 trillion—the most in over 50 years. Here are just a few things you should know about the Act:

It would…

  • Give the IRS $79 billion to “strengthen tax enforcement activities” (Just recently, the IRS tried to deny tax-exempt status to a Christian non-profit organization—not the first time it has engaged in such corruption and discrimination.) 
  • Implement a $150 billion program to supposedly fight climate change
  • Raise the corporate tax rate to a rate higher than China’s
  • Result in fewer jobs, lower wages, and higher prices as businesses—including small businesses—attempt to pay the increased taxes.
  • Endanger Americans’ retirement savings by devaluing business investments that make up 401(k)s and IRAs. 
  • Discourage marriage by increasing marriage tax penalties.

These are just a few of the harmful provisions included in the nearly 2,500-page bill. 

The last thing our nation needs is a historic tax hike. Do you agree? Contact your representative in the House today!

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