Keep AM Radio in Cars

Car manufacturers are planning to remove AM Radio access from new vehicle models, but there’s a bill before the Senate that can stop them.


The AM Radio for Every Vehicle Act of 2023 is a bill with bipartisan support that would ensure that every new motor vehicle will be able to access AM broadcast stations.


Some vehicle companies state that electric vehicle motors interfere with AM radio, which is why they want to stop including AM equipment in certain vehicles. But removing AM radio equipment from cars is a bad idea for many reasons.


Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas), a sponsor of The AM Radio for Every Vehicle Act along with Sen. Ed Markey (D-Mass), made the following argument (emphasis added):

“AM radio serves a critical function during emergencies. It reliably gets important information to the public, which is why several former FEMA administrators and representatives of the emergency response community have called for AM radio to remain in vehicles. AM radio is also vital to free expression and viewpoint diversity. With low barriers to entry, it allows Americans, especially conservatives, to communicate their points of view and help free speech flourish.”


Speaking of communicating “points of view” and helping “free speech flourish,” if you’ve ever listened to Point of View in your car, chances are you were listening on AM radio. Many of the radio stations around America that carry Point of View are AM stations.


Not only would the decision to remove AM radio from future vehicles negatively impact Americans for the reasons Sen. Cruz cites above, but it would directly impact Point of View listeners like you, impeding access to trustworthy information from a biblical perspective.


Contact your Senators today about the AM Radio for Every Vehicle Act. You can sign our suggested message or edit it to reflect your own concerns.

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