Take a Stand Against Censorship

It’s rare to see truth laid bare in a movie theater. Maybe that’s why two films attempting to do just that—Sound of Freedom and No Way Back: The Reality of Gender Affirming Care—are facing a few obstacles.


No Way Back


America has a chance to see a film that will expose the truth about the Left’s radical gender ideology in a powerful way. And now it’s being censored.


No Way Back: The Reality of Gender Affirming Care was slated to premiere in AMC Theaters across the nation earlier this summer. According to its synopsis, No Way Back features the stories of 5 de-transitioners with input from multiple clinical experts and references to 45 medical articles. It’s meant to expose the radical dangers of “gender-affirming” care such as puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones, and sex-change surgeries.

It sounds like an important film that America needs to see before more children’s lives and bodies are irrevocably harmed by radical gender ideology. But now they may not get a chance. Caving to pressure from the activist group the Queer Trans Project, AMC Theaters has canceled No Way Back’s theatrical release.


America needs to see this movie. Will you stand for truth and fight censorship today by contacting AMC Theaters CEO and asking him to release No Way Back?


Sound of Freedom


Unlike No Way Back, Sound of Freedom did make it to theaters and has surprised nearly everyone—particularly the mainstream media—with its impressive box office success. But some moviegoers have had a hard time viewing this film, which tells the true story of a federal agent who rescued children from sex-traffickers, at AMC Theaters.

According to Angel Studios, the movie’s distributor, AMC Theaters has been cooperative, even offering to screen Sound of Freedom in additional theaters due to its popularity. But some have suggested that AMC employees who buy into the media’s Far-Left narrative may be intentionally sabotaging certain viewings of the film.


If this is the case, it’s up to AMC Theaters to investigate and ensure that none of their employees are interfering.

Take Action

It’s time for us to take a stand against censorship and for truth.

Will you contact AMC President and CEO Adam Aron today? We’ve provided a suggested message that you can edit to reflect your exact concerns.

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